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It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen

19 September 1981
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My Journal

This journal is mainly for Harry Potter fanfic, fanart and meta. I largely write slash fiction but I also enjoy writing femmeslash, het and gen. I lurk in a variety of other fandoms, including Whedonverse related fandoms, Doctor Who, Torchwood, SPN and Sherlock (BBC). At present my own writing is almost exclusively Harry Potter related but I hope to write more Sherlock (BBC) over the coming months.

I write a variety of pairings in HP, but Snarry is my OTP, closely followed by H/D. My fics range from fluff and romance to dark - please always heed the warnings. As well as longer pieces I also write monthly fic for Daily Deviant and enjoy writing kink focused PWPs from time to time. The content on my journal is mostly NC-17. All fic is open, all personal posts are flocked.

I use the same username on The Hex Files, AO3 and YouTube.

Friending Policy and Age Restrictions

If you want to friend me if we have similar interests please do so - I love new friends so don't be shy! I will not friend empty journals.

Please note that as noted above, much of the content of this journal is not suitable for minors. All viewers will be asked to confirm they are over 18 and I accept no responsibility for any minors accessing this journal.

Community Moderating

I mod the hp_darkarts community for dark fanworks featuring Harry Potter characters. We run the annual HP HORROR FEST as well as writing meta posts and hosting a number of other smaller challenges throughout the year.

I also moderate the harrybang community. We hosted a traditional Harry Big Bang posting in January 2015 with a 50,000 word minimum threshold. For the past couple of years I helped thisgirl_is moderate hds_beltane, an annual long-running exchange fest, focused on the characters of Harry Potter, Severus Snape and Draco Malfoy. 2015 marked the tenth and final year of the fest

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